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We believe that any trial size product can help you during these tough times. 


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My brother and I have always been engaging in good causes: helping people, helping the community, helping non profit organizations, and volunteering our time and efforts to help the ones in need.Since then, one of the latest volunteering works we have performed was to a mission in Salt Lake City where the non profit organization needs consisted of toiletries and similar items to help the people who were getting lodging and accommodations for few days.We were able to collect several hundred items within few weeks.  We were pleased to have people and businesses contributing for a good cause.  We went to few dentistry offices asking for toothbrushes and free trial size toothpastes; likewise, to hotels, where they donated some of the extra trial size shampoos, lotions, soaps, and hair conditioners. We thought there are a lot of companies producing trial size items that met just about any needs, such as: hygienic items, baby items, and essentially any non-perishable trial size items. While some may have an expiration date, they are still good to use. So, we thought "why not collect those trial and travel size hygienic items and help the ones in need during tough times?" And the beauty of this? We are helping people and the companies by advertising their products and exposing them as a partner for this good cause.So, we are asking for help from these companies and also for donations from anyone to help expand our organization to help more non profit entities, organizations, and people who are in need.  Catastrophic events can also be a huge burden for every person affected, and many times they may not be able to return to their homes for few weeks or months. Every single contribution is given freely to people who are in real need. We want to help and this is one of the most efficient ways we can.

Thank you, ​David Sagae and Jared Sagae

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